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Our undertakings

  • 1 Telephone hotline 7days/week
  • 2 a site inspection within 24hrs
  • 3 immediate intervention if necessary
  • 4 systematic detection of chlorides
  • 5 testing for salvage scope
  • 6 quotation sent out 24hrs after the inspection
  • 7 permanen research and development


Technical Drying

Water damage is often very significant. Before being able to carry out repairs, complete drying must be implemented. This operation is necessary, not only when water is the main cause of the loss, but also when the emergency services have used a large quantity of water to extinguish a fire.


Taking action in order of priority

A rapid diagnosis is carried out, carrying out measurements using specific electronic equipment.
Residual water must be removed using water vacuums. Drying equipment must then be installed to avoid aggravation of the damage.




Various types of drying equipment are used: